ZipRecruiter Pricing

November 19, 2017

ZipRecruiter is a fast-growing hiring platform that is currently used by millions of job seekers and over a million of employers. Job seekers get to use the platform free of charge while employers can choose from 3 plans that vary in the range of benefits they provide. Each plan allows employers to pick one of the 4 sub-plans designed for businesses of different sizes with varying hiring needs. What follows is an overview of all the plans and sub-plans including information on their prices.

ZipRecruiter Pricing

ZipRecruiter Plans For Employers

The 3 ZipRecruiter plans include the Standard, Premium, and Pro plans. If you choose the Standard plan, ZipRecruiter distributes your job postings across more than 100 job boards. With the Premium plan, you get several additional benefits, including access to the platform’s database with more than 12 million resumes and premium placement in the emails sent out to job seekers, which increases the visibility of your posts. The Pro plan is an enhanced version of the Premium plan, with the additional benefits including maximum placement in the emails sent to job seekers, access to the TrafficBoost feature that further improves the chances of quickly finding a suitable candidate, and the ability to send candidates to your external applicant tracking software.

Once you select one of the plans, you can proceed to choose a suitable sub-plan. These include the Starter, Team, Company, and Enterprise plans. The main difference between the sub-plans is in the number of job slots available, that is, the number of job offers that can be active at the same time. With the Starter plan, you get 3 active job slots, the Team plan brings 10 slots, the Company plan includes 20 slots, and the Enterprise plan provides 50 active job slots. The Enterprise plan differs from other sub-plans in that it accommodates 7 user accounts instead of just 1.

No matter which option you choose, you can opt for the monthly, 3-month or annual subscription. There are no discounts on longer subscriptions. Finally, let us take a look at the actual prices.

ziprecruiter pro plan

The Standard plan can cost between $249 per month (the price of the Standard plan with the Starter sub-plan) and $1255 per month (the Standard plan with the Enterprise sub-plan).

The Premium plan starts at $349 per month, which is the price you pay if you choose the Starter sub-plan.

The Pro plan starts at $599 per month (the price of the Starter sub-plan).

With each plan, you get to try out the service with a 4-day free trial.

There is no doubt that ZipRecruiter is a highly valuable tool for recruiters and employers. However, until recently, the plans were much more affordable and small business owners are quite discontent with the increase in prices. Fortunately, job seekers have nothing to worry about, as the platform is likely to continue offering free access to individuals looking for a job.

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