Working From Home Still A Good Option

March 2, 2017

Thanks to sites such as, working from home is still a real option for all types of techies around the world. What sites like this try to do is allow people who have flexibility in the way they work. This does not mean that the goal is to have everyone working from home at all times, it is meant to give people the option of being able to work from outside of the office when they need it.


Most people who work in technology have probably worked from home at some point or another. Either a full, freelance position working remotely for an employer, or at least with the option of staying at home two or three days of the week while still being part of an office infrastructure.

Working from home gives both the employees and the bosses benefits. Employees can save money on not having to commute, not having to pay for daycare for their children, not having to eat outside of the home, and many others. Employers have the benefit of being able to hire workers regardless of location.

While some people say that working from home is a lot more stressful and that the atmosphere is full of distractions, others have a completely opposite view of the situation. Some believe that the office setting is much more disruptive, with many employees occupying one space. Also, tech-minded workers especially say that the social aspect of working in an office is something that is often detrimental to their work preferences.

When it comes to remote jobs, the growth is continuing. In retail, remote jobs have increased by over 85%, and industries such as insurance, medical, hospitality and bilingual services have also seen increases in remote job opportunities by more than 50% over the last year.

Some surveys also suggest that people who work remotely at least part-time are more engaged in their work than both people who work only from home and only from the office. This would suggest that flexible working environments offer the best of both worlds. They allow workers to feel more comfortable with their choice of working environment, but also keep them plugged into the everyday workings of an office.

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