Working at Home Made Easier By Pets

January 15, 2017

People who work from home most commonly complain that they lack social activities and do not interact with people during the day because of the fact that they live at home. However, many people believe that owning a pet can help you to at least alleviate this problem a little bit.


Women especially need social interaction and many report that the biggest downside of working at home is not interacting with others on regular basis. At the same time, they also have problem balancing their home lives and work lives when working at home, especially when they are new parents.

But owning a pet can definitely help when it comes to having some type of social interaction. Sure, you can’t really talk to your dog about how your day is going, but many prefer their interactions with pets compared to the regular work interactions of meaningless chit chat at the water cooler. For most, it’s good to have a living being there with you that you can interact with during the day.

And it’s much different from interactions with your children. With your family member, you need to set rules. Most family members and even neighbors assume that you are free just because you are at home. You then need to explain to them that you are actually working and that you need some privacy.

You don’t have to explain that to a pet. Your pet will sit by your side and not demand anything from you. When you are busy, most well-trained animals will not bother you. However, when you need that attention and interaction, they are always there for you. Also, getting out of the home office and taking your dog for a walk can be a great stress relieve and a perfect way to recharge your batteries.

So if you are seeking interaction and do not like the aspect of being all alone when working at home, but you still prefer working at home to working in the office, then getting a pet would probably be the best solution for you in that situation.

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