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Four Million in UK Work from Home

May 5, 2017

You probably know that work from home is becoming incredibly common around the world, but it may still come as a surprise that as many as 4 million UK citizens are working from home. We have decided to look into this interesting trend and discover the reasons why more and more people are saying goodbye to company offices.

13 Realities Of Working At Home – It’s Not A Pajama Party

May 5, 2017

While many people dream about being able to work from home, not everyone realizes that it is not all fun and games. It is important to be aware of both the advantages and the downsides of this mode of work, which is why we bring you a list of factors that make working from home less carefree than most people think.

13 Unusual Storage Solutions For A Home Office

April 25, 2017

When you ask people about the advantages and disadvantages of a home-based career, no one tells you how challenging it may be to fit your new office into your home. Luckily, we have a bunch of useful tricks that can help you make enough room for all your office supplies and successfully eliminate excess clutter.

Flexible Working Options Best of Both Worlds

March 28, 2017

Some believe that employees are more productive when working in an office, while others believe that work from home provides better motivation and higher satisfaction. We believe that both standpoints are valid and propose another alternative that combines the benefits of both and possibly constitutes the best option.

New Google Hangouts Plugin Perfect for Work-From-Home People

March 17, 2017

Microsoft users who work from home can now enjoy the benefits of a more efficient means of communication, thanks to the new Google Hangouts plugin. Read all about this interesting novelty and the opportunities it brings to people who work from home in our detailed overview of the most prominent features of the new Google Hangouts plugin.

Working From Home Still A Good Option

March 2, 2017

While there are vastly different opinions about working from home, it would be unreasonable to say that this mode of work does not have numerous benefits that make it a great solution for a large number of workers. In this post, we go over all the reasons why working from home still constitutes an excellent choice.

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