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Finding a Balance When Working from Home

June 28, 2017

If you are having troubles separating your personal life from your professional life while working at home, you are definitely not alone. This is a problem that nearly all people with home-based careers face. In this post, we talk about ways to achieve an optimal work-life balance and increase your career and life satisfaction.

12 Reasons Working At Home May Be Right For You

If you are still wondering whether working from home is a good option for you, we are here to help you make up your mind. Taking into consideration the most common reasons why people decide to work from home, we deliberate on whether working from home is truly the best option and focus on both the pros and the cons.

Three Issues You Need to Focus on if Your Employees Work from Home

June 3, 2017

As work from home is getting more popular around the world, it is important for both employers and employees to come up with ways to adjust to this new mode of work. This post includes some valuable advice that can help employers avoid the common problems that arise when employees start working at home.

People Feel More Stressed at Home than at Work

June 3, 2017

Work-related stress is quite a common topic nowadays, but it seems that people are facing even more stress when they get off work and go back to their homes. We have decided to explore this concerning phenomenon and discuss whether working from home could help reduce stress and allow people to feel less anxious throughout the day.

Miami Dolphins Scout Loses Job For Staying At Home To Help Sick Wife

June 2, 2017

It is sad to see that human rights are still cruelly violated in this day and age. We were honestly shaken by the news that a man who worked for Miami Dolphins for nearly two decades was fired because he decided to work from home and take care of his wife who is suffering from a serious illness. Here are some details about this unfortunate event.

How To Survive The Summer When You’re A Mom Working From Home

June 2, 2017

Being a mom who works from home is not that easy during the school year and it is particularly difficult during the summer, with kids running around the house all day. In an effort to help you stay productive, we talked to a number of moms with considerable experience, so we could bring you useful advice on how to survive the summer.

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