What To Do If Your Employee Wants You To Telecommute

June 2, 2017

We are all witnesses to the rapid technological advancement that has altered the world we live in. And since technology is bound to develop in a lightning-fast pace in the years to come, we must prepare ourselves for changes that will inevitably happen. One of the biggest changes we are facing nowadays is concerned with work.


Namely, more and more workers request to perform their jobs from home. And since a lot of jobs can be done via Internet, this request doesn’t seem completely unreasonable. So, if you have an employee that has asked you to telecommute, what should you do?

Well, first of all you need to determine whether you can make such a decision or need to consult with someone else. Since most companies consider working from home to be a special privilege, it is possible that your company doesn’t have a policy concerning remote work.

Basically, before you even consider your employee’s request, you need to find out what’s your company’s attitude towards telecommuting. Once you find out that workers are allowed to work from home, you need to assess the position of the employee in question.

For example, you have to know whether their job requires their presence in the office at all times and what assignments could be done remotely. You could ask them to write down all their responsibilities so you could be able to evaluate whether their request is reasonable or not.

If proven that they could actually work from home, it would be smart to let them know they will have a probation period. For instance, they could work from home one or two days per week in the beginning. After that trial period, you’ll see if their productivity has stayed the same (or increased).

Once you are satisfied with their work, you could grant them a full-time telecommuting schedule. When your workers do their job from home, your company will experience a rise in productivity while at the same time saving money and protecting the environment (telecommuting is undoubtedly very eco-friendly). Who knows, maybe you’ll even decide that your entire team should work from home?

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