Top advice on improving efficiency and satisfaction when working from home

Stay In The Loop When Working From Home

June 2, 2017

Working at home is a dream come true for people who hate being stuck at the office all day. However, if you are not careful, your home-based career may turn you into a hermit in no time. We bring you tips on how to enjoy all the benefits of working at home without sacrificing your social life and isolating yourself from the world.

How To Work Better From Home

June 2, 2017

Work from home has its downsides and not everybody is able to achieve maximum productivity outside the office. In order to make it work, both employers and employees have to agree on a set of rules to be followed. Here is how to ensure that everything goes smoothly once working from home transforms from an attractive idea to reality.

Bridging The Gaps: 11 Budgeting Tips For Freelancers

May 25, 2017

As a freelancer, you need to accept the fact that work gets slow sometimes and understand the importance of planning your budget accordingly. We have created an easy guide that can help you save money during the busy season and always have enough cash on hand, even if the slow season lasts much longer than you expected.

15 Ways Social Media Can Improve Your Work At Home Life

February 25, 2017

Whether you love or loathe social media, what is certain is that they can do a whole lot for people who work at home. This post is designed to introduce you to all the ways social media can be used as means of streamlining your home-based career instead of an unwanted distraction that diminishes your productivity.

13 Health Insurance Tips for Employees Working From Home

February 21, 2017

Unfortunately, many people who work from home do not have health insurance, which may be a great problem in the long run. To help you deal with this issue and avoid any unpleasant situations in the future, we bring you great tips that can be of use regardless of whether you are self-employed, a freelancer, or a work-at-home employee.

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