Three Issues You Need to Focus on if Your Employees Work from Home

June 3, 2017

A new study published in the UK reports that there are over 4 million British people working from home either full or part time.  The country has 64 million people and the working population is estimated to be around half the total.  When you look at these figures, you’ll realize that the number of people working from home isn’t a small one.


Many people think working from home is all fun and games.  When your boss or co-workers can’t see you, people assume you won’t be productive and will do everything but work.  However, employers seem to trust their workers who are telecommuting.  If they didn’t trust them, they probably wouldn’t have given them the chance to work from home.

Apart from checking whether your employees have all the necessary equipment in order to work from home, there are three issues you need to focus on.

Firstly, when an employee works from home, they might find it extremely hard to switch off from work.  Namely, since they don’t lose time commuting to work, they could easily fall in the trap of overworking.  When they realize they now have more time, they might be tempted to continue with their work after business hours.  Of course, overworking can have a negative impact on a worker’s family.  Basically, most telecommuters don’t need to be told to switch on; they need to learn how to call it a day.

Secondly, it is important to establish trust between colleagues.  For example, people who work from the office might be frustrated that some of their colleagues telecommute.  Everyone in the company needs to be aware that work is being done, no matter the location.  If possible, a company should enable a flexible work schedule for all employees, at least one day per week.

Finally, the workers who telecommute need to use up-to-date technology and have a good Internet connection.

To conclude, at-home work is a reasonable work arrangement for some people and positions within the company.  The most important thing is to have the right person for the job and whether they will work from the office or telecommute is definitely a matter of lesser significance.

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