Telecommuting: Know the Difference between an Opportunity and a Scam   

August 16, 2017

More and more people are seeking for opportunities to work from home.  Although telecommuting isn’t as ideal as it might seem, it most definitely has numerous advanatages.


One of the most significant benefits is the ability to have a better balance between your work and your personal time.  If you are looking for remote work, it’s important to know where to look for such job opportunities and understand the difference between a real telecommuting job and a scam.

Firstly, stop using the phrase ‘work from home’ when browsing for job opportunities online.  When you search for at-home work, chances are a lot of jobs won’t have a description of the position they are offering.  Besides, some ads might even offer hundreds or thousands of dollars per day.  When you find such a job offer, you have to ask yourself why isn’t everyone doing it and making millions of dollars per year.  Plus, if the tasks are way too simple for an enormous payout, the ad is definitely a scam.  So, instead of googling ‘work from home’, use words like telecommuting or remote work.

Secondly, pay attention whether an ad is offering a job or just wants to sell you something.  If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  Furthermore, if they ask you to pay for something, be sure they’re trying to trick you.  A telecommuting job opportunity would be advertised in the same way as any other job position.  The ad would include the name of the company, instructions for applying and the requirements for the job. A good way to distinguish a legitimate job offer from a scam is to ask yourself whether they are trying to hire you for a specific job position or trying to sell you the idea of working from home.

However, have in mind that you need to pay for Avon-type jobs with reputable business.  Other than that, you don’t have to pay anyone in order to get a job.  If you’re looking for a telecommuting job, you might want to try Linkedin, FlexJobs or Craigslist.

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