Indeed claims to be the world’s #1 job site and it is indeed one of the largest hiring platforms in existence. It features more than 16 million job postings from over 60 world countries and it is available in 28 languages. Furthermore, it boasts 200+ million unique visitors per month, 70+ million resumes, and 12+ million company reviews. Finally, it is important to note that 9.8 new job postings are added every second. In this Indeed review, we look beyond these impressive figures and discover whether this platform can truly help you land a good job or find the best candidate for a vacant position at your company.

Indeed homepage

How Indeed Works

As suggested previously, Indeed is a hugely popular job site used by millions of job seekers and employers. Its creators have opted for a minimalistic, not-exactly-modern-and-sleek design in an effort to create a simple and functional Google-like search engine that quickly produces relevant results for users’ job queries. It uses Boolean search and for users who are not familiar with this type of search, it offers user-friendly advanced search options.

Both job seekers and employers can start by creating an Indeed account. Right at the homepage, below the search fields, users can click on Upload Your Resume and Employers: Post A Job links that take them to pages where job seekers can upload or build their resumes and employers can post jobs in a couple of clicks.

Indeed For Job Seekers

Job seekers can search Indeed’s enormous database by job title, company, and/or location and look for jobs nearby or halfway across the globe. The application process is quick and simple since job seekers can use their Indeed resumes to apply for a job in just a few clicks.

Additional options include the creation of personal messages attached to each application, setting reminders to apply at a later date, saving and emailing job postings, following companies of interest, and getting the latest job postings and news via email.

Furthermore, job seekers can read company reviews, view company ratings, and review their own current or past employers. Finally, they have access to all the jobs they viewed, applied for, and saved to their favorites list.

Indeed For Job Seekers

Indeed For Employers

Employers can post jobs in a few simple steps, choose between free and sponsored job posts, and decide how much money they want to invest in increasing their posts’ visibility. They can filter out unsuitable candidates by easily adding screener questions of their choice.

Straight from their Insight dashboard, they can view applicants’ resumes, exchange messages with candidates, set candidate statuses, including reviewed, interviewed, rejected, and hired, add notes with impressions about the candidates, and create and send out rejection letters in a click.

It is worth mentioning that the dashboard for employers also includes data on how many times their job postings have been viewed, the number of applications, and the amount of money left in the sponsored job budget. Read more about the sponsored job budget in the Plans & Pricing section of this Indeed review.

Indeed Mobile Apps

Indeed offers mobile apps for iOS and Android. It provides dedicated apps for job seekers and employers, as well as the Indeed Job Spotter app, which allows users to snap photos of hiring signs they come across, receive points for every photo they submit, and exchange the points for Amazon gift cards. Android and iPhone users have access to the Indeed Job Search, Indeed Employer, and Indeed Job Spotter apps while iPad users can only use the Indeed Job Search app.

Both the Job Search and Employer apps include all the features mentioned in the previous sections of this Indeed review. However, while the Job Search app is highly functional, the Employer app can use some tweaking in order to provide satisfactory customer experience, as features unrelated to posting jobs are characterized by limited functionality.

Indeed Mobile Apps

Plans & Pricing

Job seekers can use Indeed free of charge, with full access to all the available features and a free spot in the Indeed resume database viewable to employers.

Employers can create an Indeed account for free and post jobs and view the resume database free of charge. However, they get charged every time a job seeker clicks on one of their job postings and every time they get in touch with a job seeker whose resume they found in the resume database.

Indeed does not have any pre-defined plans for employers. Instead, it allows them to sponsor any job postings they want and set a budget in accordance with the amount they are willing to spend on advertising. The visibility of their posts depends on the Maximum Cost Per Click they set. The more they are willing to spend per click, the closer their job posting gets to page 1 of the results.

Employers can choose between two budget options: Simple and Advanced. With the Simple budget, employers decide how much they want to spend per day or month and the budget is renewed automatically. Indeed determines the Maximum Cost Per Click based on the daily or monthly budget and the job can be paused or closed at any time. Alternatively, an end date can be set by the employer.

Indeed pricing

With the Advanced budget, employers decide how much they want to spend in total and the budget is not renewed; instead, the posting is removed once there is no more money in the budget and can be reactivated when the budget is increased. Employers get to manage the Maximum Cost Per Click manually and pause and close the job at any time or set an end date.

As you can see, the sponsored job budget is only spent when a job seeker clicks on one of the employer’s ads. If employers want to get in touch with a job seeker whose resume they found in the resume database, they pay a pre-determined fee per contact. The fees differ across countries and the price employers pay is the price set for the job seeker’s country, paid in the currency of the employer’s country.

Resume contacts made to job seekers from Argentina, Belgium, Colombia, India, Singapore, and United Kingdom are free at the moment. When contacting job seekers from the US, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, and the United Arab Emirates, employers pay $1 per contact. The price per resume contact for Spain is €1. For Ireland and Italy, the price is €2. For France and the Netherlands, the price is €3 per contact. Military resume contacts are free of charge.

User Experience & Satisfaction

Based on numerous positive user reviews, we can conclude that job seekers are quite satisfied with both Indeed’s website and apps. They claim that the site and apps are easy to use and many of them state that they have found jobs via Indeed. This is backed by the SilkRoad report for 2016, which states that Indeed is responsible for 65% of all hires from job sites in the US, as well as 72% of interviews from job sites. As far as negative job seeker reviews are concerned, there are users who claim that some job openings they found on Indeed do not actually exist, either due to an error or because the position has already been filled.

Indeed User Experience

While many employers find Indeed to be highly useful, there are still some who are disappointed by the fact that job postings that are not sponsored quickly get buried in a pile of postings added every second and get virtually no attention. Furthermore, we found quite a few employers who complained about resume quality, claiming that the resumes are often utterly uninformative. Thus, we can conclude that if you want job seekers to actually see your job postings, you need to invest in advertising. As for Indeed, the platform should invest efforts in coming up with a better resume structure.

Customer Support

It seems that the folks at Indeed believe they have done such a good job creating the Help Center and the website in general that there is no need to waste money on hiring a bunch of people who would be available at all times to answer users’ questions. While the Help Center does contain answers to the most common questions, this can hardly justify the absence of a live chat and phone support.

At the moment, the only way to get in touch with the support staff is by filling out a contact form. Even then, you are asked to take a look at the topics that best match your question before actually sending a message. It is more than obvious that Indeed does not like it when people ask too many questions.

  • Easy to use
  • Huge database with 16 million job postings
  • Freely searchable resume database with 70 million resumes
  • New job postings added every second
  • High hire and interview rates
  • Free access to job seekers
  • Employers get to set custom budgets for job advertising


  • Slightly confusing pricing scheme for employers
  • Poor customer support

Bottom Line

Indeed is not perfect. Some job openings featured on the site may be outdated or not legitimate and employers only get a shot at finding a good candidate if they are ready to invest in sponsored ads. In addition to these two downsides, we are quite unhappy with Indeed’s customer support. However, there is not a single job site that does not contain a couple of fake job postings and with so many jobs posted every second, it makes sense that you need to spend some cash to improve visibility.

If you are looking for access to millions of job postings or want your job postings to be viewed by millions, Indeed is one of the best choices out there. Keeping in mind that it is responsible for twice as many hires as all other job sites combined, it must be doing something right.

Indeed Rating

Our ratings are the result of an objective and independent evaluation of Indeed, generating the final rating that reflects the overall quality of the company. Ratings may change as the service changes.

Ease Of Use
Service Quality
Value For Job Seekers
Value For Recruiters
Mobile Apps
Final Rating 9.2/10

User Reviews (3)

    Indeed user rating based on 3 user reviews.

    The reviews listed below reflect the opinions and experiences of real users and are in no way influenced by the reviewed companies. Before publishing each review, our team checks whether it was submitted by an actual user in an effort to prevent false or spammy reviews.

  • Submitted By Adriana Holmes on 12/19/2017
    I've been using Indeed for a month now and I've already landed 2 interviews. Haven't find the kind of job I'm looking for yet, but so far, so good.
  • Submitted By Matthew Giles on 11/24/2017
    Needs an employer app for iPad, the iPhone app is useless. This whole budget thing sounded good at first, but now I think I'd prefer a standard plan with all the benefits included. I still can't figure out how big a budget I need to get more good candidates.
  • Submitted By Samantha Phillips on 09/20/2017
    Useless, just like any other job search app. Haven't got a single contact in months.

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Indeed Review
Updated : 2021-10-20
Rating : 9.2/10
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