New Google Hangouts Plugin Perfect for Work-From-Home People

March 17, 2017

If you work from home, then you already know how important it is for you to stay in contact with your co-workers. When talking about remote solutions for talking to co-workers and setting up conference calls between different locations and offices, Google Hangouts is still one of the best options.


And now it has become an even better option, especially for people who are working from home. Google has now added a plugin that works with Outlook, which will enable anyone with the Microsoft email client installed to participate in Google Hangouts directly through the email client.

Chromebox users will not be able to schedule meetings from home as well, without ever having to look outside of Outlook. It is the newest and easiest way to access Google Hangouts and set up video conferences with your colleagues even when you are working from outside of the office. With this new plugin, Outlook users will be able to enter and participate in video chats right from their Mail or Calendar applications. However, when using the plugin, you need to make sure that you have Google Apps running in the background at all times.

The plugin needs to be installed on Microsoft systems. Once it is installed, you will be able to schedule chats directly from Outlook with all of your work contacts without having to constantly switch between using your Microsoft and Google suites. It basically integrates the two suites so that you can work with them together. You will also be able to join live Google Hangouts simply by clicking on links that are sent to you via email. Once you click on the link, the Google Hangout will be opened for you within your Outlook client.

Once thing that is important to note is that you will have to have administrative privileges on the computer that you want to install the plugin on, which should not really be an issue for people who are working at home from their personal computers.
So if you have been looking for the simplest and most effective way to schedule and attend video meetings and conferences from home, this might be exactly what you have been looking for.

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