Internet Fraud: The Price Of Wealth Is Not 47$

March 21, 2017

When you decided your new life is going to include staying home in your pajamas with messy hair, what’s the first thing you’ve did? You Googled “how to make money online”, right? We know you did.


In fact, “how to make money online” is one of the most searched terms online. We are all aware that the Internet could make us smarter, closer to our friends and family, but also very miserable. When you searched this notorious question, did things like Mobile Money, Tube Cash Code, and Megan Thompson come up? If not, you didn’t look hard enough.

There are many proven ways to earn a living online, but there are also a lot of scams. That’s a proven fact. Let’s say you bumped into a beautiful website with pictures of happy people rolling in money, showing off their mansions and their fast expensive cars, their family’s luxury vacation, etc. Why wouldn’t you believe them? They are rich, they know the secret to getting rich fast, and they are willing to share the secret with you.

However, the fact is that no one is ever really willing to share their secret to success with you, or anybody for that matter. Ask yourself, would you give away a business concept that made you rich with anyone outside of your family? You wouldn’t.

Let’s take Mobile Money for instance. This is one of the most common Internet frauds. Corey Gates, alleged Internet billionaire, wants to share his secret with you in an online video that includes a lot of lousy actors and astronomical incomes made in minutes. It all looks very decent, he is nice, he helps people pay off their debt, buy a new home, and pay off their mortgage.

At the end he says you only need to pay $47 to get in. When you say you don’t want to pay, the website asks you to stay on the same page and gives you some discount. If you do it again, you only need to pay $9. You should never have to pay to start making money online. When you end up paying the entry fee, you get swamped with emails, promotions and the software he’s selling, but you never earn a dime.

Also, their refund policy is a fraud. Nobody ever got their money back. Beware of Corey Gates and others like him. They are playing for the same team. His YouTube hacking code will only get you in trouble.

Another commonly seen fraud is paying to write articles and complete surveys. There are actually websites that offer money for taking surveys, but then don’t make you pay anything upfront.

Megan Thompson is another self-made Internet billionaire you should stay away from. She offers to share her Internet secrets by telling you about money-making websites and says that it’s all free. Of course it’s not. She wants you to pay for hosting and domains for websites that can’t earn anything. Also, your emails will never be answered.

What’s our point here? There are many ways to earn money online, but you have to have some knowledge and experience. There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

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