How To Work From Home When You Have Kids

June 2, 2017

Most people think working from home is all fun and games. However, the reality of the situation can be quite different. When you’re a business owner or freelancer, your work is never over. And you always take your work home with you, because your office is your home. Besides, just think about all the distractions at home.


You might want to clean the house, go grocery shopping or prepare lunch – everything stands in the way of you and your work. And if that isn’t scary enough, imagine having kids.

When working from home, you need to have a balance between your professional and personal life and it would be best if you could separate the two. However, when you’re a parent who works from home, it’s almost impossible, especially when the kids are young.

A good idea would be to try and organize yourself as much as possible and manage your time efficiently. If it’s doable, separate your work space from the rest of the house. Firstly, you’ll have all your work-related material in one place and won’t have to aimlessly look for them around the house.

Secondly, you will be less distracted by your household chores and will be able to focus better on your projects. Last but not least, if you work from the living room, chances are your kids could start playing with your books, papers and other material.

Additionally, you might not have any free time. Yes, you can finish your work after the kids have gone to bed or wake up early and try to accomplish some task before the little ones wake up.

However, such a hectic lifestyle could have a negative impact on your health and you could start to experience health problems. A good solution to this problem would be to hire a babysitter or enrol your kids in kindergarten.

That way, you could set business hours and complete your assignments while your children are in preschool. On the bright side, no matter how stressful and hard it can be, most parents would give anything in the world to watch their kids grow and spend the entire day with them.

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