How To Survive The Summer When You’re A Mom Working From Home

June 2, 2017

Although a large number of people think working from home is always an easy and enjoyable experience, there are many stressful situations you have to deal with on a regular basis.78195979

And when you have children, things get much harder. During the school year, it is fairly easy to organize your work day. You work while your kids are at school and make a break in the afternoon to pick them up. However, the problems arise during the summer, when your children are free all day, every day.

A reasonable option is to hire a babysitter. But, that could be expensive and some people just don’t think a sitter is the answer to their problems. If you choose not to hire professional help, you have to learn how to balance your professional and private life in the best possible way. More experienced mothers who work from home have shared some tips on summer survival and here they are:

1. Have a schedule: Try to remain as organized as possible. Set up business hours that will suit you and your family best. Of course, this depends on how many kids you have and how old they are. You can get up earlier in order to accomplish some tasks and assignments while your kids are still asleep. Also, you can allow them to play or watch TV until you complete your work.

2. Set expectations: Inform your clients about your summer schedule. If you plan to set different business hours or go on a vacation, let the people you work with know when you are available. Also, tell your kids when they need to let you do your job and explain to them that you need to work and finish your projects.

3. Promise a reward: Although some people consider this to be a bad idea, it is okay to occasionally bribe your kids. Tell them you’re going to reward them in some way if they let you complete your work.

4. Enjoy yourself: Don’t feel guilty if you take a day off from work; it is summer and you should spend some quality time with your family and enjoy yourself.

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