How to Save Money When You Work From Home

June 3, 2017

According to Douglas Nash, president and CEO of MobileGear, a North Shore-based online office supply and technology accessories company, 30 million Americans work from home at least one day of the weak.  The numbers will significantly rise in the future as telecommuting is becoming more and more popular.


Working from home has numerous advantages.  For instance, you won’t spend hours stuck in traffic and commuting to work.  In addition, you will save a lot of money on fuel and parking.  Besides, since you don’t have to follow a dress code, you won’t spend a fortune on expensive professional outfits.

However, most people don’t think about the money they will have to spend for all the material needed for the job.  Nash provided six money saving tips for telecommuters that will certainly help you manage your finances better.

Firstly, buy products that have multiple uses.  For example, instead of purchasing a headset and speakers, you could spend your money on Bluetooth speakers.  Apart from providing a great sound when listening to music, they can also be used as conference phones.

Secondly, make sure your devices and gadgets aren’t driving up your electricity bill.  Although all devices have sleep modes, the power will still be going.  It is advisable to use an eco-friendly surge protector that will shut off electricity completely.

Thirdly, buy private label ink in order to reduce printing costs.  When you work from home, you’ll spend a lot of money on printer cartridges and this is an excellent way to save up some money.  Besides, private label ink is made from recycled products and is eco-friendly.

In the fourth place, be more organized.  If you manage to organize your work space, you won’t lose anything and will save up on replacing missing items.  Moreover, you’ll also save time and be more productive and efficient.

Fifthly, shred everything.  Not only will all information remain private, but you’ll also use fewer waste disposal bags.  It’s a good idea to buy a shredder that is also a waste basket.

Finally, hire an accountant.  They might inform you about tax advantages you might not know about.

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