Flexible Working is About to Become Mainstream

June 21, 2017

Many employers immediately cringe at the idea of flexible working. They believe it is a nightmare scenario in which you will never be able to schedule a proper team meeting, and you will constantly be disrupted by people walking into and out of the office whenever they feel like it.


But in reality, it does not have to be that way. And the many companies that have prospered from introducing flex working prove it. For employees it is a great idea. They will be able to avoid the commute if it is not absolutely necessary and will be able to schedule their life around work much more easily and even integrate their personal lives between thanks to be able to handle their work from home.

The fact is that when you are working in this system and measuring the productivity of the company, you need to look away from measuring it by how many hours are put in at the office. It’s a completely different concept.

Let’s first talk about how important employee satisfaction is. Many studies have shown that employees who work from home and at the office on a flexible schedule are actually a lot more productive. They take this as a sign of trust and they are thankful for the options that they are given, which in turn makes them work harder and show more loyalty to the company. It also makes employee retention go up, since many prefer to work in such an atmosphere and won’t consider taking a job with a company that does not offer flex working once they have tasted the benefits of it.

That is why flexible working is going to become a very regular thing very soon. Thanks to technology, communicating and collaborating remotely is easier than ever, and when you combine that with the employee and productivity benefits, most companies will see that it is a win-win situation.

It remains to be seen what will happen, but most experts feel that companies that insist on rigid 9-5 schedules in the office will end up losing to the companies that are open to these progressive flexible working ideas.

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