5 Powerful Productivity Hacks To Try In 2021

December 26, 2017

If you have made a commitment to yourself to double-down on your business/career in 2018, one of the best ways you can guarantee results is to focus on improved productivity. Wanting to be more productive and actually accomplishing your goals can be two different stories. Learning how to hack your productivity can set you up for success, but it takes an ongoing effort. Incorporate the following five productivity hacks into your daily schedule and watch as your to-do list becomes a record of accomplishments instead of tasks.

5 Powerful Productivity Hacks To Try In 2018

Automate & Delegate

Automating and delegating is an awesome productivity hack many people overlook. Consider using tools to automate tasks you complete on a regular basis. You can also delegate some tasks to digital voice-activated assistants like Apple’s Siri. If it’s a basic research task, consider delegating the research to your handy voice-enabled assistant. If your accounting tasks are taking up too much of your precious time, there are some great automation solutions, like the popular QuickBooks accounting software.

Prioritize Your To-Do List According To Productiveness

If you focus your efforts on tasks that contribute to your productivity, you’ll find you accomplish a great deal more throughout your day. It is too easy to focus on ‘busy work’ instead of working on tasks that actually offer tangible results. When you learn to prioritize your to-do list according to the level of productiveness a task contributes to your day, you’ll be amazed at your stress reduction and your overall feeling of accomplishment.

Improve Your Research Skills

One of the best ways you can increase your productivity is to improve your research skills. The less time you spend researching data for your tasks, the faster you can complete a project before carrying on with your next task. Develop a resource list of tools and websites that make finding pertinent information easy and then refer to your research favorites each time you need specific data. Once you become a master researcher, your productiveness will soar.

Maximize Your Productivity Zones

When you understand when your mind and body are the most productive, you can arrange your work output to coincide with your productivity zones. If you are super-pumped in the morning, schedule your hardest tasks for that portion of your day. If you tend to be a night owl with extra stores of energy, consider completing a number of your to-do list tasks while others are sleeping or resting up for their next day. The more attention you pay to your energetic periods, the better you’ll be able to use those productivity zones to your benefit.

Meditate & Rejuvenate

Meditate Rejuvenate

Speaking of sleeping and resting, optimizing your time for rejuvenation and meditation is crucial for increased productivity. You can’t perform at optimal levels if you are constantly exhausted. Learn how to capture mini-moments throughout your day for mindfulness and meditation. Relax and meditate before going to bed to improve the quality of your sleep. Focus on deep breathing exercises during your workday and you’ll find you’re even more rejuvenated as you carry on with your tasks.

Integrate these productivity hacks into your work life and 2018 just might be your most fulfilling and ambitious year yet. The better you get at improving your productivity, the more satisfied you’ll feel with your work.

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