15 Things To Do During Downtime As A Freelancer

July 21, 2017

One of the most challenging aspects of working at home is not dealing with the stress of work, but the stress of the downtime. Some of us could quite easily go nuts just filling time between the busy periods. Here are some ideas for work-at-home professionals looking for hobbies, passions and pursuits to keep themselves busy when work is slow:


1. Get Into Good Coffee

When you work at an office, you drink what’s there, or maybe you pick up some Starbucks on the morning drive. Well now you have time to explore French presses, homebrewed espresso and grinding your own beans.

2. Read More

Even keeping a book handy while sending emails back and forth with a client is a great way to keep yourself occupied.

3. Master a Game

You could become a Tetris grandmaster or just learn how to solve a Rubik’s cube in as few moves as possible. You have the time, now.


4. Take Up Sketching

Attend some life drawing classes and see if you get bitten by the drawing bug. You may have an Etsy business on your hands if you get really good at it.

5. Learn to Compost

Composting is all the rage right now, and if you have a little space of your own to experiment, why not create your own gardening soil?

6. Write a Book

You can write an eBook on how to make it in your chosen industry, or you can get to work on that novel you’ve been kicking around in your head.

7. Give Talks

You can volunteer to talk to audiences on a local level, about your industry, your passions, whatever drives you to speak. This can become a very lucrative passion.

8. Brew Your Own

Homebrewed beer and wine are a lot of fun, but very demanding of your time, so if you’re going through a slow season, then this would be a great time to start.

9. Take Up a Second Job

If your bills are covered, look for a second job that’s fun. Whether or not the pay is especially high, you’ll have a good experience.


10. Quit Your Bad Habits

A rough day at work is a great excuse to have another cigarette, even though you’re trying to quit. A week off is a great excuse not to.

11. Take Up Fishing

If you want to make long days disappear, fishing has long been one of the great All-American time-wasters.

12. Take a Long Camping Trip

Never had the time to hit the wilderness for a week straight? Now you do!

13. Learn an Instrument

Now’s the perfect time to practice with that guitar that’s been collecting dust in the basement for years on end.

14. Go on Vacation

It doesn’t need to be an expensive one. A Greyhound ticket to visit your aunt in the next town over is a small investment for a relaxing weekend.

15. Walk, Walk, Walk

Long walks offer a great opportunity to take some time to yourself to think. Leave your iPod or phone at home and see where your feet take you.

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