15 Expensive Hobbies For Freelancers Done Cheap

November 25, 2017

So, you’ve only been working from home for a little while and your business has yet to really take off. Well, long-term success is all about getting rich slowly. That means that very few of us move into a two-story home and buy our first yacht in our first year of business. However, just because you’re not rich doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the finer things in life. Here are some expensive hobbies that you can enjoy on a dime.


1. Join the Rubber Raft Yacht Club

You’ll never be able to afford a boat, right? Think again. There are inflatable fishing boats that you can grab for under $500. The Intex Excursion 5, for instance, seats five for under $200. Add a hundred dollar trolling motor to that and you can enjoy afternoons on the lake for the cost of a cheap suit.

2. Quality Wines

Do you know what they do to $100 wine that makes it taste so good? They put a $100 sticker on the bottle. Once you realize that quality is all about perception and marketing, you can get the same enjoyment from a $5 bottle as you can from a $100 bottle.

3. Fine Coffee

There are more options than ever to enjoy fine coffees at home without the $5 a cup price tag. You can even buy your own raw coffee beans and roast them in your oven for a fine flavor in your kitchen.

4. “Imported” Tobacco

If you’re a smoker, dipping an inexpensive cigar or cigarette in clove oil can offer a similar effect as an expensive clove cigarette. Buying mid-tier tobacco online for your pipe can save you lots of money, as well.Depositphotos_27096125_s

5. Homemade Hot Tubbing

If you have the space for it in your back yard or elsewhere on your property, a metal feeding trough and a Snorkel brand wood-burning stove can give you the spa experience on a budget.

6. Low-Cost Travel

We all know that buying canceled seats is a good way to travel for cheap, but have you considered teaching English abroad? If you have salable skills, you can usually get an employer to pay your airfare while you spend a few months overseas.

7. Last Year’s Tech Toys

You don’t have to be rich to be a geek. A 2012 model iPhone is still as powerful today as it was a couple of years ago, it’s just not so much of a status symbol. Scan eBay and Craigslist for gently used Macbooks, iPads and other tech toys.

8. Build it Yourself

You can custom build just about anything from a sauna to a beautiful oak desk to a high-end desktop computer for a fraction of the cost of buying it in one piece.

9. Daytrading Lite Cryptocurrency

Okay, you don’t have enough money to get into the stock market or Forex, but what’s to stop you from daytrading the rising cryptocurrencies out there like Dogecoin, which you can start investing in for a fraction of a penny?Depositphotos_29554401_s

10. Gourmet Taste Testing

Check out local tasting events for fine cheeses and other delicacies. Many let you try everything you like for a small entry fee.

11. Cheesemaking

Don’t live on a farm? You don’t need to! A little whole milk, a cheesecloth, some vinegar and a saucepan are all you need to make your first batch of paneer.

12. Art Appreciation

Think you need to be making six figures to get your portrait done in oil paints? Check on Etsy and get back to us.

13. Collecting “Tailored” Outfits

Grab a nice suit or dress from the thrift store, take it to a tailor, and you’ll have yourself a $2,000 designer outfit for about a tenth of the cost.

14. Winemaking

You don’t need to live in Martha’s Vineyard to live the vineyard lifestyle. There are plenty of instructions online to make your own wine.

15. Five-Star Cooking at Home

Any fancy meal in the world can be prepared at home for about five percent of what it would cost at a fine restaurant. You don’t even need to be that great a cook, just look up recipes for filet mignon, salmon, sushi, you name it, and slowly develop a menu of fun, fancy feasts to enjoy at home.

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