14 Ways To Create A Functional Workspace

November 29, 2017

If you have stepped into the world of working from home, congrats! Although this is a huge step, it can be very rewarding. From the onset, your office space should reflect comfort and function that will allow efficiency and a high level of productivity. Here are a few tips:


1. Designate one area

Designate an area that will promote productivity. Depending on your schedule, there are certain hours when you must get certain things done. Choosing the right space within your home is key. If you love the outdoors, having an area that has lots of sunshine and windows would be a good fit. Make sure your area is large enough to accommodate all your needs.

2. Use multipurpose furniture

Having furniture that can function in more than one way is useful. Benches that can be used as storage and seating can maximize space.

3. Make sure your chair is comfortable

The comfort of your desk chair is very important. Depending on your workload, you may be sitting there for hours on end. Your chair should have good back support and be well-cushioned.

4. Have enough storage space

When working in an office, storage is of the necessity. There are many ways to accomplish having adequate storage. You can put shelves on the wall, alter a closet or acquire a desk with nooks and extra storage spaces.

5. Adequate lighting

Lighting is of the utmost importance. If you cannot see well, you won’t be able to perform your duties. If you’re a writer or work in a profession where you need to focus for long periods of time, or stare at a computer, adequate lighting makes a huge difference.

6. Technology

Your technology speaks volumes. Make sure you have an area that can accommodate your Wi-Fi connection, your computers and any other machines or technology you will need to get your job done.

7. Calming walls

Your walls should be a color that is pleasing to you that will provide a calming environment. Colors that are too loud may create distractions.

8. Choose the right flooring

Your flooring is important. If you are going to be working or standing for long periods of time, your flooring may make a difference. Carpet may be a better option than a hard floor, depending on the circumstances.

9. Avoid clutter

Clutter creates confusion. When you have a space that is clutter-free, you become more productive and your space functions seamlessly. You may consider a paperless office, which will cut down on a lot of paper within the office.

10. Be organized

Organization is key in creating functional and productive workspaces. Use shelving, bins and other tools that will help you keep your office organized. It’s hard to get anything done when things are in disarray.

11. Personalization

Personalized offices that reflect your personality give you a reason to want to work in your space and will increase your productivity.

12. Peaceful

A calm and peaceful environment will make an impact on your productivity.

13. Establish work areas

Establish work zones within your office to get certain things done and keep things in their respective places.

14. Creativity

Putting creativity into your design scheme will make a happier environment while giving you an area that you can call your own.

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