13 Unusual Storage Solutions For A Home Office

April 25, 2017

Keeping a home office organized can be a daunting daily task. Finding storage solutions that work for your specific needs are essential. Take home office organization from ho-hum to fun yet functional with 13 unusual storage solutions.


1. Over-the-door organizer

Look to other rooms for home office inspiration. A basket/wire organizer that fits over the door and typically is used in a bathroom or laundry room offers additional storage space for office supplies and even small sales product. Simply attach to the back of the office or closet door for neat, out-of-the-way storage.

2. Mountable fabric magazine holder

Attach one or more mountable fabric magazine holders to a home office wall for vertical storage of papers, invoices and notes. This style of holder lays flat against the wall and helps keep paper clutter off desks and other surfaces.

3. Wall-mount mailboxes

Keep in-bound and out-bound correspondence, invoices and other important papers separate and easy to locate in wall-mount mailboxes. Designed to look like a traditional postal box, these little gems feature a hinged lid to keep papers from spilling out.Depositphotos_6680951_original

4. Floating modular box shelves

Modular boxes or cubes offer creative storage while adding a visual wow-factor to the room’s décor. This type of shelving allows versatility—paint the box shelves to complement any room color or design. Store binders, supplies and display art in the modular cubes.

5. Muffin tin desk drawer organizer

A large muffin tin pan will fit easily into a desk drawer creating an instant organizer for miscellaneous items such as paper clips, rubber bands, push pins and more. An inexpensive solution, muffin tins also can be used to hold various craft supplies and small hardware pieces.

6. Reclaimed wood floating shelves

Add reclaimed wood floating shelves to your home office for an eco-friendly storage solution. Not only will the shelves look beautiful, but the repurposed materials often can be less expensive and even sturdier than something newly manufactured.

7. Blackboard wall

Never need another sticky note again when you create a home office blackboard wall. Blackboard paint coverts any surface into a blackboard ideal for jotting down ideas, notes and other daily words of wisdom.

8. Twin sleeper with ottoman storage

Dual-purpose furniture maximizes space. Adding a comfortable chair and ottoman to a home office can create a cozy reading spot or place to sort through your thoughts with that first cup of coffee in the morning. Make the most of your space with a chair that also is a twin sleeper (now you have another bed for a guest) and a matching storage ottoman with space for file folders, binders, books and other office supplies.Depositphotos_3627946_s

9. Leaning shelf

Try a sleek, stylish European approach to wall-mount storage with a leaning shelf. Objekten Systems leaning shelves, made in Belgium, are not only eco-friendly but offer an attractive solution for paper and file folder storage.

10. Repurposed chest

A basic wooden chest with hinged lid can be easily repurposed into a great storage solution for hanging file folders and more. Adjustable hanging file-folder frames fit inside the chest, creating ample space to organize business papers and other documents. Consider fitting the top of the chest with a cushion to create a casual seat.

11. Wire handled stacking baskets

Use wire handled stacking baskets, the kind often used for storage in kitchen pantries, as a way to organize and store office supplies, products and other items. The baskets will help keep the office closet organized and allow easy access to things used daily.

12. Folding screen room divider

When you meet with clients in your home office, a folding screen room divider can instantly create a neat, attractive workspace. Use a folding screen to hide a cluttered workstation, supply area or to simply designate a specific meeting area separate from the rest of the office space.

13. Mobile file system

Forgo the traditional metal two-drawer filing cabinet. It’s stationary and difficult to move when full. A file folder cart with wheels allows easy access to documents and is a more versatile storage solution for daily use. Today’s modern mobile file systems come in a variety of sizes and styles, including units with additional storage via a bottom shelf or top work surface.

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