13 Places To Live While You Work From Home

September 29, 2017

Perhaps the greatest upside to working from home is that, for most that do so, you can live just about anywhere you want. Real estate costs, rent and grocery prices are generally dictated by the job market in any given area, which means that the more you make, the more you pay to live somewhere… unless you work from home.


If you telecommute, then your income is not subject to the local economy, and you’re not tied down to a job with a physical location. Here are some places you may want to consider living if you work from home:

1. Cleveland, Ohio

Homeland of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Indians and setting of The Drew Carey Show, Cleveland’s average house listing price is just over a modest $63,000, which is a little more than a quarter of the state’s $204,209 average.

2. Puerto Rico

If you’re willing to learn a little Spanish, Puerto Rico is the best shot a work-at-home professional has at a peaceful, affordable, life in the Caribbean Islands.

3. Mumbai, India

India is currently one of the Meccas of the work-from-home field as their economy allows them to perform the job at a competitive rate. Mumbai is one of India’s greatest cities.

4. Mexico City, Mexico

A little smoggy and crowded, but the beautiful and modern Mexico City offers very cheap living for those who telecommute.


5. Ottawa, Canada

A relatively cheap place to live, Ottawa is a great city to call home if you feel like spending some time exploring the North.

6. Rural New Mexico

New Mexico offers homes with acres of land in the low five figure range. A little isolated, but some folks prefer it that way.

7. Panama City

One of the top five retirement destinations in the world, Panama City sits on the Panama Canal where you can enjoy tropical breezes and modern living.

8. Karachi, Pakistan

The “City of Lights,” Karachi is beautiful, contemporary, and affordable, if you’re willing to hang your hat in the Middle East.

9. Cairo, Egypt

Taking in the scenic beauty and cultural history of Egypt might make the dry heats just about worth it for those willing to live in Cairo.

10. Pueblo, Colorado

Colorado gets very cold, but the vistas, the fresh, mountain air and the people make it more than worth it.

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