13 Must Have Skills For Working At Home

October 28, 2017

When working from home and running a business, it’s important to have the skills to keep your enterprise running, even if you’re a one-person show. You must wear multiple hats and get things done in short periods of time. Here are a number of skills you must have while working at home:


1. Financial

If you don’t keep track of your sales and expenditures, you won’t be able to determine whether or not you need to scale back or upgrade your services. Keeping accurate financial records and being able to perform bookkeeping duties is an important part of maintaining a business.

2. Administrative

Being able to type simple letters, place phone calls in a business-like manner and handle other administrative tasks make the difference between whether or not your business is projecting an image of a brand, or a company that isn’t very professional.

3. Technical

Using a computer, calculator, printer and other machinery is a must. If you cannot operate simple business machines, your company cannot thrive. You should be well-versed in how to navigate your way round office machines. You should know how to use e-mail and other forms of communication via the computer.


4. Typing

You need to know how to type, especially if you cannot afford to hire someone to type things up for you. Business documents look more professional when typed. This is something you cannot avoid.

5. Graphic Design

You should have some knowledge of graphic design to put together documents that include your logo. Having a little knowledge will also help you in designing your business cards and your brochures.

6. Computer Repair

There are some things that need to go to a specialist, but simple things like changing the screen size and other little things can save you money and time.

7. Grammar

No business should have documentation that is filled with grammatical errors. This is the first rule of business. If you want others to take your business seriously, you need to make sure your documents are error-free.

8. Writing

Good writing helps convey clear, concise messages to your audience and potential clientele. This will assist in helping build your brand.


9. Additional languages

Even if you aren’t that proficient, having some kind of translation software handy will help you do business with others that don’t speak the language well.

10. Social media

Knowledge of social media is crucial. You must have an active voice on a number of platforms to maintain the visibility of your company and build credibility.

11. Networking

Networking skills are a must. Being able to network can get you customers and invaluable contacts that can help take you to the next level.

12. Organizational

It’s all about organization. You cannot effectively run a business without some form of organization. Being organized saves you money, allows you to project a professional appearance and alleviates looking for important documents when you need them.

13. Sales

Having a good knowledge of sales will help you when speaking to potential customers. Good salespeople can adapt to any situation and make your product or service attractive in any environment.

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