15 Ways To Succeed As A Work At Home Entreprenuer


Millions of people working from home, or “telecommuting”, work at jobs in an existing industry or have created their own business by becoming successful entrepreneurs. Do you envy their ability to avoid the stress of rush-hour traffic by simply logging into their laptop in the comfort of their own home? If so, follow these 15 ways to succeed as a work at home entrepreneur and you could be joining the ranks of those telecommuters who have ditched the rat race and found financial stability without leaving their home.

1. Find a job that you enjoy and look forward to doing instead of one that you dread

You will succeed as a telecommuting entrepreneur only if you receive personal satisfaction from performing your job. How you feel about your chosen profession will directly reflect in the way you provide your service or product to customers.

2. Just because you work at home doesn’t mean you can’t take your job seriously

Shun the pitfalls of telecommuting–procrastination, lack of ambition and staying motivated to avoid getting sidetracked by the kids, the pets, the chance to spend the day at the beach–you name it. If you telecommute, you’ll become a magnet for all kinds of distractions. Resist them!

3. Plan your days well in advance

Purchase one of those professional-looking ledgers and write down what you need to do each day as far ahead as possible and stick to those plans. Don’t let each day unravel chaotically like a loose sweater thread or you will find yourself leaving goals unreached, forgetting important names and dates and suffering financially when customers decide to take their business elsewhere.

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